What is the timeline/process to building a home?

1st 30 Days:

  • Get home under contract
  • Plan is engineered
  • Finalize plan
  • Pick colors
  • Complete buyer due diligence
  • Prep lot
  • Send plan to city (If requested)
  • Get lender approval

Next 60 Days:

  • Send plan to city
  • Begin construction
  • Four way inspection meeting
  • Full speed construction

Do I need to be pre-approved before going under contract?

Yes; however, you can use our preferred Lender to become pre-approved and have your closing costs covered.

How much money down is required?

To build a home, you will need 3% of the Purchase Price due approximately 30 days after signing the contract.

Do you allow any sweat equity?

Unfortunately, our agreement with our Contractors and Insurance does not allow us to do sweat equity.

Do you provide a Home Warranty?

Yes; we provide a Quality Builder Warranty. We can provide more details of the warranty upon request.

Will you build on my lot?

Yes. We will build any plan, any lot, anywhere.